MUD’s informative documentary serials focus on edutainment, skills sharing, art, culture, people, lifestyles, and social media. We capture ideas, people, places, and things prime for conversation or celebration. We do not distinguish between high (elite or arty) culture and low (mass or ‘pop’) culture, new or old, everything is MUD. Our content is often retrospective and features useful “tid bits” about popular and unusual subjects. The videos are hosted by young people, and our associates – for the purpose of making all these “big” people and “big” issues fun and accessible. Click on the images below to watch a series.


The #IAMFOR series profiles local artists, activists, and influencers making a difference in our society.


“Black Hashtags” is a digital stories series that briefly introduces hashtags that have articulated the contemporary African experience.

How To’s

“5 Cents” is a how to series whereby African media personalities share 5 tips on any topic of their choosing.


“Press Record” is a live events series that re-presents the entertainers, musicians, and guests performances.


“Portraits” is a question and answer series that showcases award-winning African achievers.

Let’s tell our stories together