5 Cents: How To Tips

African celebrities, socialites, and media personalities share their top 5 tips on random social topics below.

Ever wanted to meet a rich guy? Reporter, Actress and Talk Show Host, Nyasha ‘Ms. Diva’ Mtamangira shared some funny unconventional tips on how to get the attention of a rich man.

Being the newcomer is a difficult position to find yourself in. Fortunately, Forbes 30 under 30 class of 2019 Content Creator and and PR Agent Gilmore Tee, shared his thoughts on how to get past the gatekeepers.

Entertaining people is a very difficult task especially if you have to cook for them as well. Former Miss Zimbabwe USA and Miss Zimbabwe Earth Thandi Muringa shared some of her tips on how to be the perfect host.

Do you have problems with public speaking? Ever wanted to learn a few tricks on how to entertain a crowd? MC and Talk Show Host Arthur ‘Ace’ Evans shared some of his personal insights on crowd pleasing.

Ever been stuck at a very boring party but you just can’t leave? Need some things to do to pass the time? Singer and Songwriter Amy & The Calamities shared some tips on how make your uneventful night a little more interesting.

Are you dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts or just struggling to cope with life? Mental health advocate and award winning rapper Indigo Saint, shared his tips on maintaining a healthy mindset.

Avoiding stress and drama is very difficult in this day and age, especially for the youth. Singer and social entrepreneur Tahle weDzinza briefly stopped by and shared her tips on avoiding the hassle and bustle of everyday life.

We use our phones everyday but are we using them effectively? Zim Hiphop award winner Schingy (from team Bhoo) shared his tips on socially acceptable cellphone etiquette.

Are you struggling to talk to women? Tired of being ‘lonely’? Award winning comedian MaForty shared his top 5 dating tips.

Share your tips with us.