MUD JOURNAL is a digital social experience focused on African artists, media and culture – curated by Alex Gwaze and other artists, innovators and academics. mud hopeful.gifWhether it is music videos, celebrities, films, interviews, market leaders, politicians, students, upstarts, ground-breakers, underground artists, creatives, designers, festivals, icons, influencers or local legends, we showcase African content that is noteworthy and characters that are prime for conversation. We scour every inch of Africa – the past, present, future, trending and beyond – to select, organize and present meaningful African stories and characters.


Alex Gwaze is a Social Documentarian, Media Consultant, Digital Content Creator, and Media Production Instructor – with over 10 years experience in Film and Media production in areas such as Film-making, Consultation, Education, Photography, and Curation. Some of the institutions and clients he has worked for or collaborated with as a Film-maker, Photographer, and Educator, include Picsolve International (UK), Growth Point Properties (RSA), University of Cape Town (RSA), Midlands State University (ZIM), the British Council (ZIM), and the Broadcasting Association of Zimbabwe.

Other Activities, Publications and Contributions:

  • Series Director: of the first season (13 episodes) of Learn ‘N’ Play – an early development (3 to 6 years) children’s show for the Zim Digital platform for the Broadcasting Association of Zimbabwe, in 2018.

What we do at MUD Journal:

MUD is not a personal Journal —– it is a mirror of NEW Africa’s heritage.  We make videos, write articles, compile photobooks,  and make playlists -amongst other things. We do not distinguish between high (elite or arty) culture and low (mass or ‘pop’) culture, new or old, everything is MUD! You can build a home with it or sling it in someone’s face – either way, it’s useful.  We seek to share innovative and original thinking that fosters new ways of exploring the African experience. MUD stops, thinks and reflects – what is it that makes us AFRICAN TODAY?


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