With contributions from academics, artists, innovators, upstarts, and practitioners, MUD is a digital social experience exploring and celebrating African Artists, Media and Culture. Whether it is music videos, jobs, leaders, “money”, ground-breakers, language, underground artists, festivals, students, places, influencers or local legends, we showcase African content that is noteworthy and characters that are prime for conversation. Our diverse group of contributors shine a light on emerging issues, profile some of the industry’s key figures, and provide sustainable tips and solutions. MUD’s goal is to re-present Africa to Africans by selecting and organizing meaningful African stories and characters who have “something to say” about our past, present, future, trending, and beyond – #AfricansTalk2Africa.

Alex Gwaze

Founder of MUD, Social Documentarian & Media Instructor

Masters in Documentary Arts (UCT) and Higher National Certificate in Digital Film Production (SAE Institute).

Expertise: Digital media production, film-making, documentary, photojournalism, art, research, education, journalism, and social media.

Instagram: @mudjournal

Phiona Martin

Career Coach, Industrial Psychologist, and Thought Leader in Human Capital development

Masters in Industrial Psychology (UNISA) and Bcom Honours in Industrial and Organisational Psychology (Rhodes).

Expertise: Career development, magazine articles, guest appearances, radio, television and conference panels.

Twitter: @MsPhiona

Thembi Terry Zulu

Publicist, New Media Strategist, Mandela Washington Fellow, Founder of Girl Grandeur

Bachelor of Science Honours in Journalism and Media Studies (NUST).

Expertise: Advertising, social work, public speaking, social media, marketing, journalism, blogging, public relations, creative consultancy, and copy writing.

Twitter: @ThembiTerry

Rasquesity Keaitse 

Director, Producer, Co- Founder of Creative Pot Africa & Keaitse Films

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Film and Theatre Arts (MSU).

2 x Award Winner (BAA & Zim Hophop)

Expertise: Film-making, music videos, cinematography, editing, writing, and producing.

Instagram: @keaitse_films

Elspeth Chimedza

Editor and Chief, Researcher & Writer

Founder of Groove Magazine Intl, ZiFM Stereo Contributor, and former Editor and Chief of Youth Village ZW.

Expertise: Content creation, magazines, copy editing, blogging, script writing, and social media.

Twitter: @groovemag_intl

Zorodzai Chibuwe 

Filmmaker, Photographer, Actor & Founder of Fokus Media

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Film and Theatre Arts (MSU).

Expertise: Photography, film-making, music videos, editing, cinematography, music production, and acting.

Instagram: @zorodzai_chibuwe

Mantate Mlotshwa

Social Entrepreneur, Blogger & Poultry Business Owner

Diploma in Political Campaign Management (Women’s Campaign School at Yale)

Expertise: Project design and management, multimedia campaigns, blogging, speech training, public speaking, African fashion enthusiast gender issues, and research.

Twitter : @MantateQueeneth

Belinda Moyo-Gomo

News Producer, Journalist & Volunteer

Bachelor of Science Honours in Media and Society Studies (MSU).

Expertise: Writing, radio production, journalism, media production, script writing, and gender studies.

Facebook: @bellsmoyo

Zenani Masuku

Life Coach and Mental Health Activist

Founder and Advocate for African Institute For Ending Bullying, Violence, Depression and Suicide (AFRIBS).

Expertise: Development studies, mental health awareness, event organising, consultation, guest appearances, radio, television, and workshops.

Twitter : @masuku_zenani

MaForty 40

Comedian & Writer

Award winning comedian (BAA).

Expertise: Comedy, event organising, and script writing.

Twitter : @maforty

Joanne Peters

Presenter, Model & Grooming and Etiquette Coach (Open Eye Studio)

Diploma in International Travel and Tourism (IATA).

Expertise: Master of ceremonies, fashion, modelling, administration, presenting, event organising, public speaking, camerawork, and acting.

Instagram: @blackheartjoe

Vimbai Gwaze-Mukaro

Social Entrepreneur & Founder of VIP Shopping AE

Bachelor of Social Science in Economic History and International Relations (UCT).

Expertise: Sales, marketing, economics, health, safety, environment, fashion, and social media.

Instagram: @vipshoppingae

Briliant Bimhah

Brand Strategist, Event Host & MUA

Founder of Brilliance Beauty, brand manager, bookings and public relations agent for Zarah Lounge and Cosmopolitan Club.

Expertise: Brand development, marketing, public relations, public speaking, fashion, beauty, make up, social media, modeling, poetry, and acting.

Instagram: @iambriliant

Terai Moyo

Journalist, Copywriter & Model

Bachelor of Science Honours in Journalism and Media Studies (NUST).

Expertise: Research, journalism, media, film-making, photography, social media marketing, content development, mobile services, modelling, and radio.

Instagram: @teraimoyo

Indigo Saint

Musician & Mental Health Activist

Award winner (Zim Hiphop Award).

Expertise: Music production, mental health awareness, event organising, script writing, graphics design, websites, and social media marketing.

Twitter: @friendsofindigo

Nonsi Tshabangu

Vocalist, Dancer and Model

Expertise: Music reviewing, acting, event organisation, urban dance, cultural exchange, volunteering, and hospitality.

Instagram: @nonsilicious28

Tariro Gurure

Journalist, Scriptwriter, Researcher & Podcaster (Earground)

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Journalism & Media Studies (UZ).

Expertise: Research, podcasting, voice over artist, script, radio, writing, documentary, copy writing, development studies, public speaking, film-making, and acting.

Facebook: @tarieeva

Zie Nyathi

Poet, Gender and Climate Change Activist

Expertise: Writing, public speaking, gender issues, climate change, health, safety, and social activism.

Instagram: @nyathizee

Sasha Nhara

Writer, Videographer & Graphic Designer

Bachelor of Science Honours in Media and Society Studies (MSU).

Expertise: multi-media production, music production, camerawork, event technical co-ordination, script writing, graphics design, editing, and poetry.

Instagram: @karanga_badass

Lungile Zelembu

Actress, Model & Volunteer

Expertise: Acting, health, safety, administration, and modelling.

Instagram: @just_lulue91

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