With a mix of practitioners, researchers, artists, innovators and award winners, MUD’s team curates African Arts and Culture with something to say. By using the peer-review system we ensure the quality and merit of our content. Our team’s goal is to document useful skills through high quality, in-depth edutainment. We share innovative and original ideas that foster new ways of exploring the African experience in popular culture and society. Our team adds insightful perspectives and a serious voice to contemporary attitudes reshaping African Arts and Culture.

Alex Gwaze

Founder of MUD, Filmmaker, Curator, Conceptual Artist, Writer & Media Instructor

Lex is often referred to as a multipotentialite creative because his broad skill set cuts across several creative pursuits simultaneously. He has a Masters in Documentary Arts (UCT) and his lectured / held talks at universities and festivals, namely: University of Cape Town, Rhodes University, and the European Film Festival Zimbabwe. Lex has been published in academic journals and his artworks / videos have been exhibited in group exhibitions at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare and more. In addition, Lex has directed TV shows and assisted the development of films that have appeared on DSTV and ZTV.

Interests: Digital media production, research, films, photojournalism, conceptual art, education, dialogic journalism, curation, skill sharing and social media.

YouTube: @mudjournal

Zaza Muchemwa

Writer, Director, Poet and 3 x National Art Merit Award (NAMA) winner.

Zaza is the Associate Artistic Director for Almasi Collaborative Arts, and the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Centre of International Theatre Institute. She recently took part in the International Writing Program Fall Residency at the University of Iowa and her writings have been published in several newspapers and publications that include: Pen International Website, Index on Censorship Magazine, Povo Magazine, Poetry Xchange ‘All Protocols Observed’ and Cyphers Poetry Anthology Volume 87. Furthermore, Zaza’s theatre productions have secured her three NAMA wins (the most prestigious awards in Zimbabwe).

Interests:  Theatre, human rights, gender issues, youth programs, journalism, acting, community, society, African culture, and strategic communications.

Facebook: @ZaMuchemwa

Terry-Jo Thorne 

Writer & Researcher

Cape Town-born, Oslo-based writer, Terry-Jo’s is a storyteller whose roots are in social and community history. She has worked within activist / history organisations, museums and various film and art projects in South Africa. Since moving to Norway she has worked within social development and documentary film-making, largely in the sustainable development space. She is so fiercely passionate about storytelling that she often participates in several projects she comes across that peak her interest, in various disciplines.

Interests: African arts, documentaries, innovations, spatial inequality, events, African music, psychology, history, society, travel, relationships, blogging, and dance.

Instagram: @terryjothorne

Elizabeth Taderera

Writer, Poet and Best Female Author at the African Print Author’s Poetry Award (APAPA) in South Africa.

Lizzie is an award-winning poet who has written seven books so far, five of which are poetry collections. She came first at the African American Poetry contest held in America and she was featured in a “Black Lives Achieves” platform – being celebrated as one of the youngest upcoming authors. Her poems have appeared in various local magazines and newspapers like Zim Varsity Finest and she was featured in the Mt Kenya Times newspaper. In addition, Lizzie was shortlisted for the Mulher Forte African Literature Awards and nominated in the Young Novelist category.

Interests: Poetry, short stories, mental health, African rights, archiving, music, and freedom of the press.

Instagram: @aries_rage

Usher Takudzwa Nyambi

Writer, Content Creator, Curator and Arts Reporter

Usher Nyambi is a writer who is passionate about culture, business and development in Africa. Driven by his desire to educate and inform he started Samora Central in 2020, a platform that shares opportunities for young creatives, entrepreneurs and scholars. As a writer he has written for publications such as The Standard Zimbabwe and Okay Africa.

Interests: Harare, sports, archives, digital resources, events, Art, fashion, influencers, journalist, social media, culture, food and music .

Instagram: @_nyambi

It’s important to note that our team do not create all the content on our own – we have guest contributions from academics, artists, innovators, upstarts, and practitioners who have something to say about African Arts and culture and want to use our platform. Our diverse group of contributors shine a light on emerging issues, profile some of the industry’s key figures, and provide sustainable tips and solutions. MUD’s goal is to re-present Africa to Africans by selecting and organizing meaningful African stories and characters who have something to say about our past, present, future, trending, and beyond – #AfricansTalk2Africa.

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