Why you need a creative skill today.

The Creative Arts industry is far from what it was 10 years ago. We now live in a world of 24/7 news updates, social media influencers, streaming sites, hashtag campaigns, home studios, and more. Media training, especially knowing how to handle multimedia opportunities, has never been more important. That is why we at MUD&Co have designed several programs that make sure you use what you are learning immediately. Furthermore, we are constantly liaising with our clients and collaborators to ensure that our curriculum is current and meets the requirements of the new economy. So, whether you’re a novice, an experienced creative, or a company, these highly practical programs will enhance your career preparedness, research capabilities, and technical proficiency in a short space of time. Our programs were developed for a range of skills that include filmmaking, acting, photography, social media, dance, creative writing, fashion, modelling, dance, make-up, and more. At the end of the program you will be awarded a certificate of participation and a certificate of achievement, for completing your project.

Our team of seasoned academics, professionals, artists, and innovators have developed several skill-share programs to give you the practical skills and theoretical knowledge you need to build and sustain your creative career.

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Foundation Skills Weekend

Are you interested in learning the fundamentals of a creative art like acting, filmmaking, photography, modelling, presenting, make up, or writing? In our hands-on weekend experience (2 days), a small group of like-minded trainees (eg. presenters only), will be taken through a speed training program by our experienced instructor/s. During the weekend, the trainees will attend seminars, practical workshops, and one-on-one sessions.

Fast Track Practical Skills

Do you need to learn a creative skill in a short space of time? Maybe you want to know how to design clothes, direct a film, model, take better photos or edit videos. Or maybe you just want to learn how to interview your subjects for a documentary, research project or a podcast. Whatever the reason, this intensive one-on-one program is geared to equip you with the essentials of any practical skill, in 30 days.

Accelerator Internship

This 12-week free program is only available to female school leavers (who reside in Bulawayo’s high-density suburbs) and want to learn the technical aspects of media production. The interns will be selected via the application process (terms and conditions apply) and they will learn the basics of scriptwriting, camera operations, video editing, and script supervision.

Pathfinder Mentorship Program

Struggling to find your creative career path? Our 6 week mentorship program is designed to help newcomers discover their own style and potential career prospects. The mentees will be guided by accomplished mentors and they will have to complete realistic tasks related to their chosen career options within the 6 week period. This program includes online assistance, technical support, practical assignments, and access to reading materials and one-on -one consultations.

Launchpad Consultancy

If you are working towards completing a creative project (such as a film, music video, play, documentary, event or a research project) and you need confidential support; this program is for you. Our consultant will be embedded in your project and s/he will teach you all you need to know to complete the project. The consultant will help you fix the problems and provide hands-on technical assistance, and office space.

Pop Up Workshops

Keen to up-skill and stay ahead of the curve? Our interactive pop-up workshops offer creatives the opportunity to engage with new topics and developments. They are co-designed in consultation with our instructors, industry representatives, trainees, companies, and audience. The workshops are tailored to deliver timely, targeted information on a range of skills.

Design Your Own Program

We know that it’s not easy to find the time for training or the right program that suits your needs. To make it easier for you we can tailor a training package that fits your lifestyle. Get in touch with us to find out the costs of the programs and to book your media training solutions. Be sure to let us know what you hope to accomplish and when.


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