Live Events & Shows

Occasionally we get invited to some live events and shows. Below are some live recordings of the entertainers, singers, educators, and guest’s performances.

Selected songs from Award winning Singer Berita’s Unplugged performance at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo; featuring Mimi Tarukwana performing “Khetha Wena”. Berita’s delivers a sublime chill out session on this late sunny Saturday afternoon.

There was a moment at the tail end of Berita’s Unplugged set at the National Arts Gallery in Bulawayo Zimbabwe, when she called the city’s young vocal talents (Mimmie Tarukwana, Vuyo Brown and Mj Sings) to join her on stage for an impromptu jam session. Suddenly the acoustic session transformed into a party as people abandoned the chairs and sang along.

#ZimDanceHall Artist T jeketera performs his hit song “Badgyal” aka Former President’s Wife at Cottage Fortnights 8, hosted by Indigo Saint and Gama. Cottage Fortnights is an underground performance platform created by Cottage #47. This platform affords new and established artists the opportunity to hone their live performance skills.

Drag is an art form that focuses on the transformation of a man into a woman through the use of costume and make-up. We followed Cape Town based performer Lincoln as he ‘transitioned’ to Liya Khan to perform Jennifer Hudson’s “One Night Only”.

Two Zimbabwean Rapper’s M.A.C and Slayer exchange impromptu verses in a small dorm room at a local university. Representing their provinces, M.A.C (Matabeleland) and Slayer (Mashonaland), who won this freestyle battle?

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