What is a BAASKLAP?

BAASKLAP (noun, verb; Noirslang is derived from Baas (noun; Afrikaans/ Dutch) meaning master, boss (informal), chief, ruler, commander, head, overlord, overseer, chief, a white person in a position of authority in relation to non-whites and Klap(verb; Afrikaans/ Dutch) meaning hit, smack, strike, clap, bang. A BAASKLAP is an indication of probable trouble, the mere mention of getting one makes all good people fall in line; it spreads fear and anxiety. We define it as – a whipping, threat, degrading, control, schooling, correction, propaganda and pain. Nowhere is the BAASKLAP more apparent than through the dissemination of information to the general public. Information is power and while it is important to stay informed, one must be aware that misinformation is also another form of power – distraction. BAASKLAP provides a kind-hearted slap in the face that acts more as a wake- up call rather than a rude awakening.  A ‘bang’ that tells you”something that occurred”, pay close attention – get better informed.  We are not anti-establishment know-it-alls propagating conspiracy theories willy-nilly, we are simple citizen journalists saying, “Hmm, this sounds interesting how about we take a closer look?”

POPULAR BAASKLAP articles available below:

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**nb**The featured image is taken from Jodi Bieber: Protest against Chris Hani’s assassination 1993. Available at:  http://artblart.com/2013/05/24/exhibition-rise-and-fall-of-apartheid-at-haus-der-kunst-munich/


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