How did these guys fall OFF THE TREE?

Uniformity often leads to the same ideas being perpetually recycled. One needs to look away from the Acacia tree at sunset to discover the other fruitful trees on the African landscape. OFF THE TREE presents alternative ideas and individuals on the fringes of African popular culture. The African experience is as diverse as the animals that roam its plains and the seeds that are sown in its soil.  There is more to Africa than just ”the big five” and poverty, there are some ‘strange’ people here. They might look and sound African, but they seem to have taken a ‘sho’t left’ and came back speaking a language only they understand. African thinkers, artists, leaders and innovators are pushing the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm, adding new unique voices to the ‘culture,’and we all know how loud Africans can get! African storytellers are diverse, but the African narrative has only marginally improved. We explore notions of the ‘alternative’ and the ‘independent’ in an effort to promote innovative and original thinking that fosters new ways of seeing the traditional while embracing the unknown and known.

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**nb**The featured image is taken from FOTO VIM: Leaders of a New School by Sionne R. Neely. Available at:: 

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