Digital Stories : Black hashtags

Hashtags condense so many emotions, events, attitudes, and ideas in a concise and a traceable manner. Below are some brief introductions to hashtags that are now part of the ‘black’ African social experience.

#MENARETRASH! Four African women summarize one of the most polarizing hashtags popular in Africa. INTERVIEWEES: Dr Shose Kessi (UCT Department of Psychology), Chaze Matakala (Mail & Guardian Contributor / Okay Africa Contributor / Founder of Decolonial Daydreams), Seipati Tshabalala (Former University of Cape Town SRC President FMF EFF), Azola Krweqe (UCT Humanities Students’ Council Chairperson (17/18) UCT EFFSC Branch Secretary).

#Woke. #RhodesMustFall and #FeesMustFall are all hashtags that contributed to the emergence of “Fallism”. “Fallism” is a conversation started by the South African student protests of 2015: #RhodesMustFall at UCT & #FeesMustFall at WITS. The name comes from the campaign that something or someone must fall. We sat down with one of the founders of the #RhodesMustFall movement’s Wandile Kasibe, as well some of the people who were at ‘Ground Zero,’ and they briefly introduced the ideas behind these Fallist hashtags.

What other hashtags should we introduce?