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The music video industry remains at an embryonic stage due to Zimbabwe’s current economic situation which has seen most videos being produced within extremely limited budgets.

By Rasquesity Keaitse, Director, and Nonsi Tshabangu, Event Organizer and Dancer.

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However, there are some technically and financially resourceful local filmmakers that have managed to overcome these obstacles, and have produced creative and entertaining visuals that we personally find both interesting and marketable. Two such producers are Angel Arts and Slimaz. These two are the godfathers of Zim music video production. They introduced DSLRs to music video production and paved the wayfor celebrated directors like Andy Cutta and Blaqs to make their mark on channels such as TRACE Africa.

Directors such as SimDoc, Aaron Mheta, and Leoy V also deserve a special mention. These young filmmakers are creating and producing great work with severely limited resources. Furthermore the fledgling music industry should also be credited for pushing local directors to create visuals that not only represent contemporary Zimbabwean culture, but also advertises the new sounds emerging from local studios. Since the emergence of Urban Grooves in the late 90’s, Zimbabwean music has grown up. The foundation laid by the likes of ExQ, Decibel, King Pinn, Betty Makaya, Maskiri, Roy and Royce, Roki, Mizchif, M’Afriq, and David Chifunyise – just to list a few: has developed into three proper genres – Zim Dancehall, Zim Hip-hop, and Afrofusion. In their prime other pioneers like Sanii Mhakhalima, Stunner, Leonard Mapfumo,BK / Kazz and Shinsoman struggled to make and distribute their music due to the high cost of music production.

But today’s artists can create nice music at home and share it via their phones to the whole world. Today it’s now easier to create and share your own music, but Zim still has no streaming platform for local artists to host their songs. Local artists still rely on international platforms that don’t pay good money, therefore some artists cannot afford to make videos for their singles. Despite these issues more and more Zimbos are listening to #ZimMusic – and as the crowds grow the music just gets better and better. So with all the issues we have mentioned in mind, the songs and music videos we have selected are based solely on the concepts, creative execution, and “vibe”, not views on YouTube or plays on radio or streaming sites. We all know that data in Zimbabwe is hard to come by, so views are not representative of quality or relevance. Our list is restricted to songs and videos released in 2019, and should be considered early contenders for the ‘song of year’ or the ‘music video of the year’ title. The list in no particular order and arranged by #vibe is:

#ProudlyZimbo #MTM

Tamy Moyo_ Kwandinobva – Let start it right, I’m from Zimbabwe #Usaderere
Jah Prayzah_ Dangerous
Trevor Dongo ft Andy Muridzo_ Mutumbu Nyekete
Tahle WeDzinza ft Tocky Vibes_ Ndibhambise Tione – #WeDontLikeThat
Jah Prayzah_ Kunerima – #MissRed
Winky D ft Gemma Griffiths_ MuGarden – We bringing it down to Earth #Imajeni

#MaFeels #ZveMoyo #EmoOverload

Takura_ Zve Moyo – zveNoise zvava nhorondo kkk
Simba Tagz ft Mr Eazi_ My Lover – We got #Naijalove #Choppin
EXQ ft Mr Eazi & Simba Tagz_ Teddy Bear Remix – #BigLove kkk
Kazz aka Mr Boomslang ft Tytan_ Chimoko – #UKLove
Berita_ Ndicel’iKiss – #SALove
Ammara Brown_ Loyal – #HreLove
Mimi Tarukwana_ Selfish – #ByoLove – Malavu lavu muZim


A.S.A.P.H_ V.I.C – #TheVibeIsCorrect
Denim Woods_ No Playin’
Indigo Saint ft T Mak_ Tatenda Taibu – Rappers don’t catch feelings
Takura_ Noise
Ti Gonzi_ Kufamba Murima – #ImJustADreamer & #ImASinner #Boyz
Cal_Vin_ Kele Jwetse Ha Kae – #TheStoryteller
EXQ ft Ti Gonzi_ Zuva Rese – #MrPutiti
Fish F McSwagg_ ETHULINI

#TurnUp #SkrrPa #iPapoPapo #Hatinzwaro

T Jeketera_ Badgyal – #FormerPresidentsWife
Enzo Ishall_ Bhiza Rinoda Mutasvi – Mabhiza, #kaNjiva, Enzo ane chirugu paden guyz
Coco weAfrica _ Gokamu
Killa T_ Ghetto Rinenharo – #MaFacts
T Jeketera ft Keith C_ Moto Emoji
Freeman ft Alick Macheso_ Ngaibake
Enzo Ishall_ Gwati – #Dead Too Funny kkk

#TakeEmToChurch #Conscious

Amy & The Calamities_ Bless
Buffalo Souljah ft Enzo Ishall_ Fear No Man
Gary Tight ft Ti Gonzi_ Zviroto
Coco weAfrica ft Flame B & Yung Nyale_ Blessed
Jah Signal_ Ishe
Indigo Saint ft Beth The Guitar_ Amandla
Vuyo Brown_ Thula Wazi

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